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Mentor Nation with John Abbas

May 11, 2022

In this episode I interview Udo Erasmus. Udo is the best selling author of Fats that heal, fats that kill which has sold hundreds of thousands of copies, and he is the founder of Udo’s choice, which is a line of products sold all over the world with thousands of 5 star reviews.

In this interview, Udo shares his incredible story of getting pesticide poisoning at the age of 40, and completely healing himself using fats and nutrition. This journey to heal himself led to his book and his product line that have changed countless lives all over the world. What really blows my mind is that today he is 80 years old and he has the energy and sharpness of a 25 year old.  This is a testament like no other that he lives his philosophy and the results are irrefutable. 

Udo shares so much wisdom about how to live a very long life using the right fats and he dispels many myths around nutrition and dieting. This is a truly amazing interview so sit back and enjoy!


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