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Mentor Nation with John Abbas

Aug 11, 2021

In this episode I interview TJ Galiardi, TJ went from being an all star veteran pro Hockey player to an incredibly successful food sustainability entrepreneur. He played 10 season for teams such as the Colorado AvalancheSan Jose SharksCalgary Flames and Winnipeg Jets before retiring and discovering his passion for food sustainability.

 With over 100 billion tons of unused food being wasted and thrown away each year, TJ realized there must be a way to make use of all of that produce before it goes to waste. 

Together with his business partner, they created Outcast Foods, a company that takes unused produce, and with their cutting edge process called upcycling, they can turn it into all kinds of ingredients while retaining almost of it’s nutrients.

In this interview, TJ shares some shocking stats about Food, waste, and the direct impact it is having on the planet, while also sharing how his company is pioneering the way to change all of that. 

This is a great interview where you will learn some incredible things, while also being inspired to help make the world a better place.


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