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Mentor Nation with John Abbas

Feb 25, 2021

In this episode I interview Bill Faeth.

Bill is the founder of and is one of the biggest authorities in the world on how to create true wealth and lifestyle with short term rental properties that you can manage remotely. 

After building several large companies in different industries, Bill decided to shift his focus to building wealth in conjunction with lifestyle. He saw short term rentals as huge opportunity to achieve that. Today he owns a multi-million dollar portfolio of dream properties all over the country from beach homes, to lake homes, and he manages it all remotely in under 10 hours per week while visiting his homes whenever he wants for a vacation. 

Now, he teaches others how to do the same and that is the focus of today’s interview. He shares his exact steps for getting started from where to look, how to find the money, how to choose the right property and more.



Connect with Bill Faeth:

Cell phone: 6159484569

Mentor Nation: 
Instagram: @mentornationpodcast