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Mentor Nation with John Abbas

Oct 2, 2020

In this episode I interview Peter Taunton.
Peter was a young racquetball player spending his days practicing in gyms when he came across a gym he believed had potential, but he knew it wasn't doing well. He approached the owners who were hesitant to invest anymore due to it already losing 200k per year, but they reluctantly called him a year later to come on board for $16,000 per year. Peter took that gym to profitability within a year and after buying out the owners over several years, he built SNAP Fitness in one of the largest fitness franchises on Earth with 2,500 locations in 26 countries. He created Lift brands to continue expansion by developing other companies such as 9 Round Fitness, Steel Fitness, Fitness on Demand and Yoga Fit and led Lift to a total of 6,000 locations globally. He has since had a massive exit where he now spends his time pursing passion projects and helping other entrepreneurs.

Peter shares his story, his greatest lessons, and his advice for those on their own path to success.

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