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Mentor Nation with John Abbas

Feb 4, 2021

In this episode I interview Mr. Richard Bliss Brooke. Richard is an entrepreneur, and the best selling author of The 4 year Career and Mach 2. He currently lives on a private Island in Hawaii and runs his 3 multi-million dollar companies remotely.

This is a very powerful episode on mindset. Richard grew up on a farm and in his 20s he was happily working his way up the ladder in a large chicken plant where his job was to cut up chickens.

By age 30 he was a self made millionaire and soon after became a multi-millionaire. Richard shares his story and the strategies that he used to rewire his mind for success. He has taught thousands of people these same strategies and he shares some of his best wisdom in our conversation today.

Important Links:
Books: Mach 2 with your Hair on Fire and The Four Year Career

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